jongin taking a selca

There are lots of talented people on tumblr. I, for one, am great at pressing the reblog button.




i believe in hate at first sight

I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them. —Uma Thurman  (via ohfairies)

layhan at it again || 140718 lost planet in shanghai day1

Luhan: bring your handphone with you to 'Law of the Jungle'.
Tao: there's no reception in the jungle.
Lay: but you can take selcas with your handphone.

naughty maknae strikes again…

[CPM] “In fact its the opposite, I am not a comedian. The company had already established what our image would be. I just cannot be hilarious because I feel like it, I have to consider the group’s overall image. Therefore, I am generally not funny. I have to fit in with the group’s mature image, if I acted like a jokester, it won’t be as funny. However, when I say something at times, everyone would laugh. I don’t understand why, but I’m glad that everyone’s having a great time.”


YIXING on being funny

(c) Layminiiiii酱’s scans

Please do not use the search function on tumblr! The Kris fans in China are trying to defame Exo’s members’ image on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter by flooding the tags with false information and reposting them repeatedly.


At the moment they are targeting all Exo members’ individual tags, not just Tao, to spread false information that could defile Exo’s image. They are trying to bring the Exo group down. They have started photoshopping images to create lies because they don’t any bad information about the Exo…